It's official

Just signed the divorce papers! It's finally over! A part of me is relieved and the other part is very sad. We were together 9 years. It may not seem like a long time but it was for me. We took care of each other. It's really sad. I really loved him. I was willing to work at it but he wasn't, but I now know that it was for the best. We grew apart. It just wasn't meant to be forever!

 Sometimes things don’t work out,
This doesn’t mean nothing will.
One thing isn’t everything,
Now isn’t forever –
Even though it may feel like it.
Give yourself time
To see things clearly.
What we feel
Isn’t always true.
In time the disappointment will pass,
Your feelings will change,
Your life will be different,
You will have new dreams.
No matter how hard we try
We can’t hold onto today.
It will pass.
So we must hold its joys
And its disappointments
With open hands
Because they weren’t meant to stay,
But to fill today’s purpose.
Let go of today’s disappointments
So your hands will be free
To accept tomorrow’s blessings.
Life is not just one day of your life,
But all of your tomorrows.
Each day has its own happiness.
Enjoy today but then move on
To enjoy all of your tomorrows…… 

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